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What is the Right Lexapro Dosage?

Posted on 25 May 2018 (0)

Lexapro is a generic drug (escitalopram) used in the treatment of depression and other anxiety problems. Lexapro has been proven to be quite effective in battling depression. Though very effective, lexapro does interact with other drugs or medications hence it is advised that you do not take lexapro without the knowledge of your doctor.


Patients taking lexapro might experience side effects such as nausea, insomnia, constipation, heart burn, dizziness e.t.c. These are side effects usually experienced by people taking this medication and should not be a cause for alarm. Side effects experienced by patients differ so you might experience side effects not mentioned on this page. The best option is to inform you doctor or physician of any side effects you experience.

To reduce side effects and interactions make sure you inform you physician and or doctor about your medical history and other medications you are taking.

Lexapro Dosage

Lexapro generally comes in tablets and the generally recommended lexapro dosage is 10mg for adults and should be taken just once in a day. While lexapro is known to interact with several other drugs, interactions can be avoided by letting your doctor know about your medical history and other medications you are taking as stated earlier.


Cough Treatment: Honey or Syrup

Posted on 23 January 2018 (0)

This spring cold and cough season approaches once we approach the conclusion of winter. When you have children who have a tendency spring migraines to acquire this guide is right for you. Recent studies imply that honey is now actually a cough treatment that is more Profession compared to cough medicines are all for kiddies. Astonished? Your grandma wouldn’t function, and here is the reason why. cough treatment

Cold Medicines, Syrups and Pills

By suppressing cough syrups operated. This really is achieved by administering a number of substances such as dextromethorphan and codeinereferred to. While both of these ingredients are used in the marketplace today to 2004, there was no evidence which demonstrated that these chemicals have been effective in kids.

Back in 2004 a report was conducted that examined the efficacy of cough syrup into squelch coughing in kids. The results were so sudden. There did not appear to be no effect. The FDA cough issued a judgment that children under six must not be awarded cough syrups also medications plus they implied that marketing cough medications prevent like being a young child remedy.


Honey was a remedy since early times. That is only because honey features a exceptional chemical constitute providing you with curative properties that are real. This combined with its texture, and to start with honey is a natural antisepticwhich allows the honey also to neutralize and coating that throat and also to flake out. For curing youngsters ‘ coughing, these properties create honey a much better choice, however, honey has to offer you. Honeys, like honey have a higher concentration of antioxidants that help your human body repair and to prevent cell damage. Honey not just, because you may observe helps to make your child feel a lot better, however additionally, it will allow them to recover in coughing fits by preventing cellular damage.